Paula Webster-Grant

CEO at Phillybass'd Records, Inc.

"Harold is the most dedicated professional I ever had the pleasure of having as a client. As a personal manager you need to make sure your clients understand what it is they need to focus on when trying to work towards his/her goal. Harold's focus and drive far exceed the ordinary. He has dedicated his life's mission to investing in the human spirit to ensure his fellow man has the tools to succeed in achieving a higher purpose. No one said it would be easy but Harold gives us the encouragement to pursue this task. I recommend anyone who is seeking to find out what they need to do in order to get on the right path to read Harold's book or engage him on a professional level as a certified life coach."

Rev. Melvin Miller
Award Winning Creative Artist, Theologian, Author and Campaign Strategist

Harold S. Reed Jr. is a noble man and stands by noble deeds. His ability to inform, inspire and encourage those who are priviliged to experience him is unique and powerful. He is an honest, committed, responsible and authentic human being who champions the cause of hope and love in the world effectively. He has a keen awareness of his gifts and talents and uses them daily in the service of his vision for a more loving world. He is a shining example of the profund affect one man can have on any community when he decides to stand up and make a difference. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Harold S. Reed Jr.

Edmond Davis

"Harold is one of many giants that I look up to. His approach is clear and to the point. He is a man of honor and business. He is a servant of the greater good. I endorse this gentleman."