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I love using acronyms to convey "MotivACTIONal" messages. One that came to mind a couple days ago is M.O.R.E. which stands for "Many Ordinary Rare Extraordinary." I first introduced this acronym to my Facebook Live audience and then a few minutes later to my mentoring class of young men in elementary school.

Out of most groups and teams there will almost always be one or two members who stand out above the rest. If I were to say "Chicago Bulls," the first name that's likely to come to your mind is Michael Jordan. If I were to say "Destiny's Child," the first name that's likely to come to mind is Beyonce'. And although Joe and Katherine Jackson had ten children (one died while they were all children), the first names to come to your mind will likely be Michael & Janet. The one thing all of these standouts have in common is that they worked harder than the others they were grouped with.

We're all human beings, and outside of comic books and cartoons, there is no such thing as a "superhuman." No one is born stronger or smarter than anyone else, but what sets people apart is the work they put in. Something I have always believed is that the successful will always be in the minority because the successful are the people who are willing to do M.O.R.E.

So to bring the acronym back into this, the "Many" will always be "Ordinary," but the "Rare" will always be "Extraordinary." When speaking to my class, I used the grading scale they're used to seeing in school. While I broke down all the grades between "A" thru "F" with them, here I'll just focus on the grade "C." "C" is average. It's just passing. It's not failing, but it's not excelling, and unfortunately far too many people settle for average. Far too many people settle for just passing. However, if you want to have more in your life; if you want to become more in your life, you're going to have to DO MORE WITH YOUR LIFE!

But here's the catch... Doing M.O.R.E. means you're going to have to work harder. People know this inherently. It's not rocket science, but even without it being spoken, people will decide for themselves that they're only going to work but so much or they're going to do whatever is required in order to achieve their goals. It takes no effort to go nowhere. It's easy to do nothing, and doing nothing will not only get you nowhere, it will get you there before you even know it! The hardest players are the ones with the dirtiest uniforms. The most successful people are the ones who study when their friends are partying. The successful people are the ones who spend hours with their faces IN a book while their friends are spending hours ON Facebook. The successful people are the ones who can articulate a full thought using 140 characters, but can also hold a conversation and express their thoughts without losing their train of thought. In short, successful people DO M.O.R.E.

So the choice is yours... You can be a part of the "Many" that are "Ordinary," or you can be a part of the "Rare" that are "Extraordinary." Open up a dictionary and you will find that results ALWAYS comes before success!

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